How eating bread has changed

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How eating bread has changed

Eating food over the years has changed considerably. But, one food in-particular that has changed is bread or to be more specific, wheat. The ingredients in bread these days are not as healthy as it was back then.

Graeme Thomas, professor in the school of health sciences says that we have treated agriculture differently than we used to.  There are different pesticides that are used.

Thomas says there has been research done out of Australia with regards to a class of sugars called FODMAPS and he explains if someone thinks they are experiencing a gluten allergy, they actually might be manifesting an intolerance due to these sugars.

Dr. William Davis, cardiologist and author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling book the Wheat Belly says that wheat has been an ongoing issue for about 10 thousand years ago.

Dr. Davis expressed that an individual’s life will be a lot ┬áhealthier if you eliminate wheat from your diet.

Mary-Anne Macpherson, founder of creating total wellness says grains were a staple food for many years as it was in kernel form and it was carefully made at home. “After the industrial revolution, everything changed and they were able to separate the kernels and make cheap white flour, ” says Macpherson.

She believes in gluten free options for a replacement.

No doubt, eating wheat has changed, but it is a personal preference to stop eating it or not.

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