Artists with disabilities showcase their art at Tangled on Tour

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Artists with disabilities showcase their art at Tangled on Tour

Tangled on tour is part of Tangled Arts + Disabilities, an arts organization that promotes opportunities for artist with disabilities.

The 3-day event showcased art, workshops and more while highlighting the importance of including this artists and their work in the mainstream arts scene.

Cara Eastcott, tour director of Tangled said “We thought is was a good idea to spread the work across the province and connecting with other cities and other communities, and seen if there were other disability arts related events going on.”

Eastcott said is important to give this artist opportunities to get in the spotlight and been recognized by other artist.

The tour make their opening reception with an art show at VibraFusionLab.

Barbara Mann presented ‘Perfect World’ – a collection of collages and paints made with watercolours with different words hidden in the pieces. She identifies herself as someone on going through the mental heath system.

“I feel so happy you guys came to see this,” said Mann while explaining the meaning behind every piece hanging on the walls, “It’s nice when you get some recognition. I have stacks of paintings in my house and some will take them, but I keep making more.”

Other event with a big turnout was FluxDelux – a movement workshop for dancers, non dancers and wheelchair users.

“The idea is using simple guidelines to make an evolving and eventful group choreography,” said Peggy Baker, the mind behind the movements and the voice for the guidelines, “You can listen to me, or the speaker, or even getting a vibration signal from our app in your iPhone or Android”.

Some of the guidelines for FluxDelux go from moving in a curving path, being careful to not brush with someone, to stopping or moving whenever you want.

This and more events take place all over the province and more can be found at Tangled’s website.


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