Talent: London’s got it

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Talent: London's got it

The first ever edition of London’s Got Talent was a complete smash.

Organized by the Single Women in Motherhood (SWIM) program – local London talent grazed the stage at Wolf Performance Hall in support of raising awareness to single mothers trying to strengthen the community.

Sambe Troupe – A diverse group of percussionists and dancers – after their performance

Singers, dancers, rappers, and poets all took part – and were critiqued by a band of celebrity judges. Needless to say, many audience members were left in awe of some of the talent the Forest City has to offer.

Kadeem Jenkins, a 20-year old spoken word artist who goes by the name of Deemus – took home a grand prize of $1000 after he was selected as a top three finalist, along with guitarist and singer/songwriter Eric Robertson, and the Western lady with the booming voice – Stephanie Wojtowicz.

Jenkins was ecstatic about taking part.

“I think it’s dope!” exclaimed Jenkins. “I’m meeting a lot of cool people and I’m realizing that I’ve inspired and I’ve touched a lot of people (with my words) and that’s exactly what I came to do.”

Jenkins, who prides himself on a racially-embedded message meant to incur and invoke emotion in listeners – left the audience stunned after his first appearance – where he spoke wise words beyond his years about societies massive missteps in regards to racial relations through history.

His second performance – which won him the prize was a somber tale about his late grand father – who’d passed away of cancer.

So what inspires Deemus as a poet and musician himself?

Kadeem Jenkins, “Deemus” – takes stage for first appearance

“A piano has a rift, or a drum has a beat. It provokes and evokes a certain emotion in you that is just so powerful that words can’t even explain sometimes.”

In future, Jenkins hopes to see more opportunities like London’s Got Talent so the city’s artistic community can have a chance to shine and fluorish in the spotlight.

“I feel like when more events like this come out, not only does it really present a good opportunity for people such as myself but it’s also a good chance to see growth in the city in that sense.”

At the end of the day, Jenkins is just proud to be able to share the stage with so many other gifted talents and inspire people through his way with words and credits SWIM for all the hard efforts they put in to support single mothers and put on a fantastic show.

This won’t be the last you hear of him.

One thing seems assured – after a turnout like this, it should leave no doubt that this won’t be the last we hear of London’s Got Talent.


London's Got Talent!

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