Londoner’s thoughts on pot

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

What do you think about the legalization of marijuana?

It’s a subject that’s been long debated, and will likely stay a hot topic for some time.

Right now, it’s still federally illegal. Although there’s some leeway when it comes to medicinal use.

Such as the recent court ruling allowing medicinal users to grow their own crop of dope.

Another Supreme Court ruling made last summer allows for edibles, lotions and oils to be used as well as the dried herb.

There are many restrictions even with these leeways. With these changes it seems eminent a decision, whether for or against the legalization of weed, will be made pretty soon.

But there have been a few hiccups when it comes to the distribution of the product.

Shoppers has recently piped up, claiming they would be best fit to control the circulation of the drug.

Though some politicians, such as Kathleen Wynne have said the L.C.B.O would be best, because they already distribute alcohol.

Although a decision yet to be made, the people of London think it’s worth legalizing with some restrictions.

Different variants of marijuana has also been a hot topic.

Recently a Canadian Clinical Trial on Cannabinoids or CBD for epilepsy was proposed by Co-Founder of Ep-Link, Dr. McIntyre Burnham.

Two mothers with chronic epileptic children support the proposal. As they give their children the drug.

One mother who lost her child due to the illness said she tried everything imaginable and noticed the marijuana had the greatest effect.

Londoners think giving children alternative variants of medical pot is okay, as long as it’s heavily restricted.

C-B-D is not phsychoactive like Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, meaning CBD won’t get you high.

Although still illegal, CBD has been studied to reduce many ailments including suppressing seizures, combatting psychosis disorders, inflammatory disorders, tumours and cancer cells, among many other benefits.

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