Fanshawe’s renovations have the college looking pretty

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Fanshawe's renovations have the college looking pretty

It’s not finished just yet, but by next spring Fanshawe will have a new health and wellness centre.

The 3-storey building will home to a fitness centre that can be used by all students.

“We’ve got a small green roof and some solar water reheat. We’ve got a skylight box, which will bring light all the way down to the ground floor. There’s going to be lots of glass with some new technology so when the sun comes around the windows there won’t be a glare,” says manager of project and construction management Donna McInnes

Along with the fitness centre, C building is getting an expansion. The building that currently houses building technologies will be expanded to include the school of public safety.

“That school was created a couple of years ago, and they’ve been functioning quite well in a lot of spaces, but we’ve been impacting our existing gym facilities. In order to make sure that our intramural sports and other activities can have some space we needed to create an area for the school,” says McInnes.

McInnes also says the college is really excited about the renovations.

As for who’s funding the projects, Fanhsawe is taking care of the C-block expansion, and they’re working in partnership with the students to fund the wellness and fitness centre.

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