Fanshawe nursing students reflect on winter clothing drive

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Fanshawe nursing students reflect on winter clothing drive

Jordan Ripak and Mayuri Chaudhari, two practical nursing students in second year, collected about five to six garbage bags full of items for their winter clothing drive. The community project was a requirement for the nursing students during their 12-week placement at the St. Joseph’s Hospitality Centre.

“They all were definitely concerned about keeping warm in the winter time,” Chaudhari explains, “People gave us coats and things, but they also gave us blankets and mittens and stuff like that too.”

Both students agreed that those who use the centre were grateful for the generous donation. “There [were] definitely a lot of people who took stuff” says Ripak, “They didn’t know where they were going to get any coats or stuff to keep warm in the winter.”

The students also created posters with tips on how to stay warm and healthy during the winter, including information on where you could get your flu shot.

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