Outdoor golfing alternative

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Outdoor golfing alternative

With spring well on it’s way, it’s had many people eager to get out their golfing clubs. However, there could be another alternative for people who may not be able to go to an outdoor course, and that is indoor golf.

Indoor golf manager of one of the four locations in London, Christina Miller, says that people decide to indoor golf when spring weather hits for a number of reasons. “Many people are just starting to get back into the groove of golfing, so coming here before hitting the outdoor course is good practice. Many golfing professionals have these golfing simulators in their home.” Miller says that the simulator is a tiny camera that takes 200 pictures in 10 seconds, depending on how hard you swing your golf club. “The simulators can tell you your swing and what you need to do to fix it better than a real life coach can.”

Another reason why indoor golfing is a good alternative to outdoor is for those with injuries are still able to play. “Being on an outdoor golf course can be very draining and some people can not walk the entire course or even drive their golf cart. Indoor golfing allows them to still get the experience of being at a golf course without actually being at one.”

Normal indoor golf courses will charge anywhere from 25-35 dollars to play a full set of 18 holes.

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