End of an era in the NFL

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End of an era in the NFL

This week 3 for sure Hall of Famers announced their retirements in the NFL.

Peyton Manning, (Left, credit: US Mag) is the holder of over 20 NFL Records including the All-Time Leading passing yards in a career and most passing touchdowns in a career. He graced the NFL for 18 years, which he spent 14 of those seasons in Indianapolis playing for the Colts, and his last 4 as a member of the Denver Broncos. He won 4 league MVP’s as a member of the Colts and one in 2013 as a member of the Denver Broncos.

He revolutionized the art of the “No-Huddle” offence, which relied on quick tempo and wearing down the defence. The way he played, it was like having an offensive coordinator and head coach on the field, where members of the press gave him the nickname “The Sheriff”. There is no way that Peyton Manning is not making into Canton, Ohio in 2021 when he is eligible. One of the greatest minds that the NFL has ever seen will be missed, what a great way to end his career with a Superbowl win.

Two other NFL Greats are calling it quits this year, Charles Woodson and Calvin Johnson are hanging up the cleats after playing at the highest level for so many years.

Charles Woodson is the only player to ever win the Heisman Trophy, the honour given to the best player in all of college football on a yearly basis, as a defensive player. ¬†Drafted 3 spots behind Manning in the 1998 NFL Draft at 4th overall to the Oakland Raiders. ¬†Woodson made it to the Pro Bowl 9 times and even won the Superbowl in his 6 year stint with the Packers before heading back to the silver and black in 2012. Widely regarded as the “GOAT”, meaning the Greatest of All Time, Woodson racked up over 1,000 career tackles, 65 Interceptions and 20 career sacks. Just like Manning, will be in the Hall of Fame in 2021, no questions about it.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Calvin Johnson. The man everybody calls “Megatron” because of his 6 foot 5, 240 pound build, is the quintessential Wide Receiver. He brought size, speed and skill to the forefront of everyones mind when it comes to the Wide Receiver position. He didn’t play for as long as Woodson or Manning, but left a significant impact on the Lions organization, and certainly the NFL. Leaving the league as the Lions leader in receiving yards, and holds the record for most receiving yards in a single season with 1,964 in the 2012 season.

All three of these players will go down in the history books as some of the greatest players to play in our generation and all-time. 2021 will be a Hall of Fame class for the ages.

Video Montage of the 3 players featured.

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