All about that Samba

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All about that Samba

The sounds of Brazil are sweeping through London through the city’s very own Samba Troupe.

Formed back in August of 2014, Samba Troupe is a diverse group of musicians and dancers who specialize in a percussion based style of Samba music.

A genre of music native to Brazil, Samba often uses a blend of rhythmic and regional dancing originating from the sounds of pounding drums.

Naomi Nadea is Samba Troupe’s bandleader. A native of St. Lucia in the Carribean, Nadea credits her connection to the islands as reason for her love of music.

“We have a fascination with anything that makes noise,” said Nadea.

“Steel pans, congas, djembe – all those types of drums. It’s like tradition where I’m from to know how to play those instruments.

For another member, Claudio Lira – the Troupe helps him connect with his native heritage.

“I just ended up meeting these people and joining them,” he said. “I’m glad there is this thing to make me feel a little bit closer to home so far away from home – to me that is very important.”

For those intrigued by the nature of the Troupe, Lira feels they are all about one primary message.

“Even if people find it ‘ugly,’ or weird or whatever – we all should stand up and move and dance because in the end that’s what we are here for.”

For Nadea, it’s all about being able to express herself musically and be embracive of her heritage, and those of her bandmates.

“Music is just so empowering, it’s such a beautiful thing,” said Nadia. “A lot of people don’t have the rhythm or the air for music but they get very satisfied when people are able to present that to them.”

It’s the hope of the Troupe that with a little pounding of their drums, and along with some colourful costumes it might just help to wake up a sleeping city.


Samba Troupe jams out

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