New options for Springbank

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New options for Springbank

A new option has emerged in the debate about what to do with Springbank dam. While some members of council want to see the dam repaired, many Londoners want to see the dam left untouched. The city’s civics works committee got the public’s opinion at a public participation meeting earlier this month.

But the debate only bounced between two options: decommission or repair.

“There were three options. option 1 is to fix it, option 2 is to not fix it, and option 3 is to repurpose it” says city councillor Bill Armstrong. Councillor armstrong has put forward a proposal which would see the dam converted to a pedestrian walkway. This option wouldn’t require an environmental assessment, and would be the least expensive

the civic works committee voted in favour  of a united EA, looking at the affect of repairing the dam along the back to the river project


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