Shut the front door breaks into Spring

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Shut the front door breaks into Spring

London loves a laugh and for the past several years, Shut the Front Door improv has provided the city with the best of improvised comedy.

The not-for profit organization dedicates itself to charitable causes and gives the city a proper comedic outlet.

Recently Shut the Front Door held it’s Spring Break show to a sold out crowd at London Music Club.

Ryan Holden is a software engineer who got involved with STFD as a means to better himself as a person.

Through comedy, Holden has been able to escape his comfort zone.

“I think most people when they come into improv, they find it hard to get out of their own head,” stated Holden.

“The whole point of improv is to live in the moment – do something in the moment. Just get rid of those negative thoughts in your head and go with the flow.”

Jim Kelly, better known for his role as morning announcer on the Taz Show for FM96 has been involved with improv ever since he moved to London.

“It’s empowering, people go through life and all they hear is no,” Kelly said. “You go to work, your boss says no, your girlfriend says no – people say no to you all the time but in improv everything is yes.”

“Just do it, the longer you sit on the fence the faster time goes by and then you realize that you just missed a window.”

As for the main objective of Shut the Front Door, Kelly explains that it’s a simple one.

“We just want to expand the scene and just encourage people to pursue a hobby or career in comedy.”

While STFD receives a lot of praise for their charitable work, they also continue to push the community searching for strong improvisers and communicators who may one day join them on stage to take part in the hilarity.




STFD Spring Break

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