London Community Foundation, It’s Our Home working on affordable housing for adults with ASD

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The one storey, 14-unit affordable housing plan for adults with autism spectrum disorder

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The London Community Foundation has been working with It’s Our Home housing project to provide affordable housing for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The project began about four years ago, after requests from parents with adult children with ASD.

Marti Lussier, president of the It’s Our Home Housing Project, says that adults with ASD could face some struggles while living on their own. “They may face unscrupulous landlords. They may struggle with dealing with the application process for tenancy. There’s a general struggle with socializing in an apartment setting.”

However, she said they can live independently within the community. “They work in our community, they live in our community, they go to school in our community. Many are married and have children. There’s so much tremendous potential, but there’s just some areas of their life where they need a little bit of support and help.”

Nicholson Sheffield will be constructing the new homes, which will be 14-units with one bedroom apartments and two common areas. Each  apartment will have a dining and living room area, full bathroom. The one-storey building will be located on 193 Clarke Road.

Greg Playford, board member with the London Community Foundation and It’s Our Home Consultant says they hope to create a community within the building. “Through connections in the community, it’s hoped that there will be meetings and support services provided for anyone that needs it.”

The It’s Our Home Fund has collected nearly 90% of their fundraising goal. The project is expected to cost about $3.2 million, and is expected to launch in late April. Applications will then be sent out in the fall, so the moving can happen in the winter.

Donations can be made on either the London Community Foundation or It’s Our Home¬†websites.

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