One egg a day is a-okay

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One egg a day is a-okay

The cholesterol found in eggs isn’t going to hurt your heart.

“I think people often think, in regards to cholesterol, that eggs do have a lot of cholesterol and maybe a lot of fat because of the yolk,” says local registered dietician and sports nutritionist Andrea Docherty. “I’d say those are probably the biggest misconceptions.”

She says although eggs are higher in cholesterol than other foods, it doesn’t mean these levels will impact the level of cholesterol in your blood.

This is supported by research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; researchers tracked the diets of 1000 Finnish men and found dietary cholesterol doesn’t impact heart health.

Instead, people with high cholesterol should think more about consuming fiber.

“Soluble fiber will bind to cholesterol in the body, and will help you excrete that through your waste.”

She also says to avoid saturated and trans fats, focusing more on getting unsaturated fats like omega 3s, which can be found in food such as fish, nuts, flax, and avocados.

Docherty says studies show around one egg a day is okay, and even people with high cholesterol don’t have to cut eggs out of their diets entirely. They just need to cut down on the number of eggs they consumer per week.

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