Like a record London!

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Like a record London!

Centennial Hall was somewhat of a stairway to heaven for London music junkies.

Around 65 vendors crowded the lower level of the Hall to dish out vinyl records, CD’s, cassettes, movies and loads of other musical paraphernalia – and the resurgence of vinyl was abundantly clear judging by the turnout.

Record shop owners from all over the Forest City and beyond showed off their proud collection – while helping music lovers add to their own.

Mike Todd owns and manages Speed City Records, off Springbank Drive.

Collectors browse through Speed City stash

As one of the event organizers, he’s been witness to the revival of vinyl over the last few years.

“The show’s been going on since 1983,” Todd said. “The momentum (with vinyl) is huge right now and we’re really enjoying it!”

With many modern artists along with the media pushing the resurgence of vinyl – Todd felt the large crowd was fairly indicative of the vinyl revival.

“People are experiencing nostalgia,” he added, “what’s old is new again and it’s cross-generational and I feel that’s important from a social aspect.”

Many enthusiasts searched tirelessly for their diamonds in the rough at the event and for serious collectors – it was a golden opportunity to find those hidden gems.

With one of the largest crowds in the events history – it’s quite likely more gems will find their way to the hands of those die hard collectors for years to come.


London Record Show

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