Six extra inches to bad posture

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Those six-inch stilettos are ruining your body.

The problem with high heels is they are too good looking, and uncomfortable to wear.

That is because they enhance your butt and elongate your legs, but heels also force your balance forward, shortening your calf muscles, causing your toes to be curled, and possibly damaging your achilles heel.

Craig Hunt, a specialist at the Hunt Foot Care says, “You mess with the whole musculoskeletal system.”

And the damage can take a long time to recover from, “It could take months of therapy, stretching and strengthening. But you would have to slowly lower your heel…because if you do it too quickly that’s when you start to have tears in the fibre.”

Reducing the damage is pretty simple, just switch your shoes up during the day and get the proper size.

If you insist on wearing heels, Hunt suggests walking in a thicker heel; such as Mary Janes and wedges.

He also says doing gentle stretches and exercises after a long day of wearing those peep-toes, can ease your body back to normal.

Something to do before you go out in a pair of pumps is to practice in them first.

Professor Jennifer Wright teaches Fashion Design at Fanshawe College, she advises, “Practice wearing them; standing in them, walking in them. Because there’s nothing worse than someone who can’t walk in high heels. It becomes funny and the purpose for wearing them becomes negated if you can’t walk in them properly.”

She adds, walking over different areas, like tile, carpet, wood and cement before taking them out for a spin.

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