OEV coffee war?

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There’s a dozen businesses in Old east village that sell coffee, but which is the best? Or is there a competition.

XFM News spoke with four coffee businesses in OEV to find out what they were all about.

First we’ll visit a coffee shop that’s all about the brew.

Fire Roasted Coffee has been around for a decade, it is both a retailer and a wholesale supplier with two locations and more opening soon.

Owner Dave Cook has a wide variety of fair trade, custom roasts and likes his coffee shop to have a local feel.

With the success of his Western Fairground and downtown locations, he’s opening up two more spots in O-E-V.

His first location is at 630 Dundas, and his second location is on the corner of Ontario Street and Dundas Street East.

The new roasting location is across the street from the Root Cellar.

They like their space to feel like a second home for folks with their rustic brick and art covered walls. This laid back, earth friendly atmosphere is represented with their coffee.

Coordinator Aaron Lawrence says, “Every cup of coffee you get… the trickle back effect is making healthier communities.”

Coffee and food you can feel good about is going trend in O-E-V.

The Boombox Bakeshop is a locally sourced vegan bakery with sweet java.

Owner Alexandra Connon says she’s mostly into making cupcakes, and not so much coffee.

But she doesn’t deny how good her coffee is, complimenting her supplier Patrick Dunham, owner of Patrick’s Beans.

He is a local coffee bean roaster in the wholesale side of business, opposed to having a coffee shop.

Dunham says, “So, each customer that I supply in the Old East has their own unique blend. And their own drip coffee and their own espresso that is signature and unique only to them.

Dunham is a very respected figure in the coffee world, as is Cook.

Are these two suppliers in a coffee war?

Both Dunham and Cook don’t think so.

Dunham says, “My focus isn’t necessarily on my coffee, it’s on my customers. So, when I have a customer, I want to make sure that their business is going to be growing and successful. So, I want to be able to help them first and foremost.”

Cook says, “It’s not about fighting for that one customer that may move between those shops, it’s about developing more customers.”

The Old East Village is a unique business area, where the competition helps one another.

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