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For many looking to adopt a new friend, there are many options available. The majority usually decide on a cat or dog, but for those who are a little more adventurous there are lots of legal exotic animals to choose from.

One, for those of you who want something truly exotic with a little bit of danger, is the tarantula. Jordan Christopher Kayburge has two tarantulas and told us, “There’s the new world and the old world tarantulas. My new world is my salmon pink bird eater, and it’s defence mechanism is its eradicating hairs. Those are the hairs on the back of its abdomen. The old world tarantulas are much more defensive. They’ll come right out of their web or their burrow and they will come attack you. Their potency for venom is much higher than the new world tarantulas.”

These sorts of animals have an element of danger which is not for everyone. If you want a cute and cuddly animal but still want something unique, a Bengal cat is for you.

Source: Bengal Cat World

Bengals were developed specifically to look like leopards found in the wild. They are a little big larger than the average house cat, but require very little grooming as they barely shed. The Bengal also comes in a variety of colors from true dark brown, to silver and colors in between.

View the video below to learn more about Bengal cats:

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