Sexual Assault Centre London Seeing Results From Wynne’s Announcement

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Sexual Assault Centre London Seeing Results From Wynne’s Announcement

Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne has recently announced her plan to stop sexual violence and harassment.  This new action plan, called It’s Never Okay is aimed to push towards things like increasing funding for support for survivors, as well as sexual violence prevention and education.

Since the announcement, Sexual Assault Centre London has received a huge response. The Centre says this couldn’t have been a better time for them. The need for sexual violence survivors, as well as the provinces support has brought new light to people who may not have been willing to speak before.

Program Coordinator for Sexual Assault Centre London, AnnaLise Trudell says that a lot of assumptions about sexual violence is due to lack of knowledge.

“Sexual assault doesn’t just happen by bad people in back allies. 82% of the time, we know that sexual assault happens by somebody that we’re already in a relationship with. My friends, and brothers are all apart of setting a culture.”

The Centre issues free support to any survivors of sexual violence throughout Ontario. With the new action plan, more people are sharing their stories, to benefit others who may not be as comfortable.
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Centre is only expecting their business to increase from here.

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