No Parking near community mailboxes

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No Parking near community mailboxes

The issue of parking around Canada Post community mailboxes (or CMBs) was brought up at this afternoon’s civic works committee meeting at city hall along with other parking bylaws, and it has been proposed that ‘no parking within one metre’ signs be put up at three hundred of the city’s CMBs that face the street and have no sidewalk in front of them. Ward one Councillor Michael Van Holst feels that these signs should only be put up on a complaint basis, and that they are an unsightly waste of tax payers’ money.

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“Signs in a neighbourhood can be ugly things, and where they’re not needed I think we should try not to have them. I think there might be better ways to deal with the situation than putting up signs everywhere.”

Part of Van Holst’s rationale is that people know not to park in front of fire hydrants, so they’ll know not to do so in front of CMBs. Deputy Mayor Maureen Cassidy retorted by saying that however long there have been cars and fire hydrants, people have known not to park in front of them. If no signs are posted, the one metre rule for the mailboxes cannot be enforced.


The cost of posting signs at the proposed three hundred mailboxes is roughly sixty thousand dollars, which The City of London will negotiate the coverage of with Canada Post.

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