London Food Bank wraps up spring food drive

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London Food Bank wraps up spring food drive

The London Food Bank has been in the community for 29 years, helping out those in need of food.

The food bank has recently just wrapped up their annual spring food drive, bringing in a smashing 71-thousand pounds of food. Co-Executive Director of the food bank, Jane Roy, explains that it doesn’t match last years 72-thousand, but it is still impressive.

“The spring food drive is one of two of our major food drives,” explains Roy. “Of course Christmas is our most popular time, but there is a lot more people helping out then.”



“It’s incredibly important for people to remember to donate, obviously not just because people need it but because it’s important to think of others,” says Roy.

Roy explains that getting the message out about donating has changed over the years, but now they have taken advantage of social media.

Londoners are being asked to remember to donate year round, not just when food drives are in session.

The London Food Bank’s next project will be the community harvest and the curb side food drive.

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