Lots of CGI but no substance: Analyzing Superhero movies

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Batman V Superman

Superhero movies are arguably Hollywood’s hottest new moneymaker. From Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad to the new Captain America, most of the hyped movies are superhero ones. But why is that? Well, according to Charlie Eaglestone, who is a professor of advanced filmmaking in Fanshawe College, the reason those movies make so much money is because most of the Marvel and DC comics already have a rabid, stablished fanbase, which pretty much guarantees average box office numbers at worst.

And while those movies rule the box office, according to Ealgestone, they are not always the best quality. A lot of them rely on special effects and CGI to have a good movie. “Before, superhero movies were about the plot and storyline. Now it feels like it’s all about technology and having good special effects, which can harm the quality of the movie.

And there is no better example than the aforementioned Batman v Superman. While it has shatter box office records and the fan consensus is overall a good one, it has been panned by critics as overly complicated and messy. According to Eaglestone, it is hard to deliver on a good, critically acclaimed superhero movie mostly because studios worry about the money more with those kinds of movies than any others

Analyzing Superhero Movies

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