Fanshawe Comic Con Showcases Local Talent

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Fanshawe Comic Con Showcases Local Talent

Fanshawe held its first ever Comic Con this week.

Among the vendors in Forwell Hall on Monday were local video game dealers, specialty collectors, and of course comic book artists.

One of those was Christopher Runciman, founder of Runciman Press.

Since its launch, Runciman Press has been focused on showcasing young artists from right here in London.

The company is about to celebrate its one-year anniversary – with the release of its 20th book.

Runciman hopes events like the Fanshawe Comic Con will give more young artists like himself, the opportunity to have their passion for comics – put into print.

Fanshawe Comic Con

London Comic Con

  • London Comic Con is scheduled for Sept 23 – 25.
  • Over 7,000 attended last year’s convention.
  • This year’s event will be held in the Progress Building at the Western Fair.
  • For more information on guests, check out

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