Great Expectations holding diaper drive at Mom-To-Mom Sale

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Kate Williamson is a birthing doula, which provides emotional support for parents. Her business, Great Expectations Doula Services, will hold a diaper drive at the Whoa Mama! Mom-To-Mom Sale.

She says that meeting the basic need of providing diapers speaks to the larger issue of poverty in London. “What ends up happening, especially in the case of small children, is that they need diapers. They need a certain amount of diapers to go to daycare, and when they don’t have that, that can prevent parents from to school, to work,” Williamson explains.

“When you’re giving diapers, what you’re doing is you’re helping somebody get to school that day and help end their own cycle.”

Williamson adds that there needs to be more support to help those in poverty. “We need supports that encourage people to do things like go to school [and] to help them continue to go to work. We need to look at what is causing it in the first place instead of just throwing band-aid solutions.”

She says that the diaper drive has received great community support. “We have businesses that are offering prizes for donations, that’s going to happen at the[Mom-To-Mom] sale. We also have drop off locations. We have people who are just promoting it because the want to.”

The Rebirth Wellness Centre, The Been Garden and Local & Lovely Boutique are accepting diaper donations for Great Expectations until April 10. The Mom-To-Mom Sale will be at the Progress Building from to 1 p.m. on April 9.



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