Thrift shopping for special occasions

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Formal occasions, such as weddings, prom and graduations, are on students’ calendars. While many people usually go to boutiques and/or malls to find their attire, some thrift shop.

Robert Jordan, the assistant manager at Talize, says that there is a 10% discount available for students. “Most dresses [at Talize] would be $20 or less, whereas wedding dresses, brand new [sell for] over thousands of dollars,” he explains, “As well, prom dresses are over hundreds of dollars.”

He adds that every piece of clothing is examined to make sure it’s of good quality. “Everything’s graded based on quality, condition, style, in season out of season. We do offer a large selection of every colour, size as well as brand names.”

Jordan says they see thousands of customers come in every day at Talize. He says that more people are starting to look for prom attire “as it is warming up and getting closer to the season.”

The store plans to have a prom display at May.

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