Grooves Records gearing up for Record Store Day

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Grooves Records gearing up for Record Store Day

The ninth annual Record Store Day will celebrate independent record stores around the world on April 16. Grooves Records is getting ready for the event, and has a costume contest, a colouring contest for kids, exclusive deals and releases on the agenda.

Troy Hutchison, the owner of Grooves, says that the Record Store Day enthusiasm and participation at the store has grown over time. He adds that the first one was centered on the record stores in the U.S.A.

“We got, I think, four exclusive titles in the store. I just thought it was going to be a normal Saturday. I actually took the day off, I was helping my friend move,” Hutchison explains, “Surprisingly, it was extremely busy and then we kind of realized what a big deal it would be. We jumped in with both feet for the next year, and we have been going crazy ever since.”

He adds that while preparing for the event can be expensive, seeing the positive feedback from the attendees is worth it. “Almost everybody that comes to the counter has something nice to say. Just about the day or the store. Everybody has a smile on their face, like families are in with their kids,” Hutchison describes, “It’s just a really positive, good vibe day. Everybody’s happy.”


A black sign with a purple outline that says "2 Days Until Record Store Day"


Grooves’ Record Store Day¬†will also feature a costume contest, where people are encouraged to dress up like their favourite rock star. Taylor Holden, James Kirkpatrick, Mountain of Wolves and Shhhh are part of the line up. Hutchison says that there will be a mystery guest on the setlist, but they won’t reveal who the band is until the day of. However, he hinted that it’s a “big-ish” band.

Either way, Hutchison encourages everyone to stop by on Record Store Day. “There’s really reasons for everyone to come. I don’t think anybody should stay home.”

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