Local artist invites people to her Rivergarden

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Local artist invites people to her Rivergarden

Local artist Catherine Morrisey will bring her “Rivergarden” to the Westland Gallery on April 19. The exhibit will feature oil paintings of garden, riverside and forest settings.

“She finds her inspiration in her surroundings,” says Danielle Hoevenaars, associate director of the Westland Gallery, “She has a beautiful garden backing out onto the Thames River, which we’re so fortunate to have here in London.”

She adds that Morrisey’s exhibit will remind visitors of spring. “You’re going to see lots of vibrant colours. Catherine has a beautiful, expressive painting style and they’re large scale works that will really invite you in and get excited about the season that’s yet to come.”

Hoevenaars adds that other local artists have offered alternative views of the Forest City through their paintings, including Rudy Sparkuhl’s surrealist paintings of different parts of London and Derek McLarty capturing London’s iconic architecture.

“Artists often notice things that will go overlooked by the average person. Having local artists allows us to take a second look at London and appreciate it for it’s natural beauty for it’s architectural features and it’s vibrant culture.”

“Rivergarden” will run until May 7.

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