Woodland Restoration Project returns for another year

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Woodland Restoration Project returns for another year

As the weather warms up Londoners are heading out the door and visiting the parks throughout London.

Since 1992 the Garden Club of London has managed and maintained a Woodland Restoration Project in Springbank park.

The recreated Woodland features native trees and plant species, winding paths and a place to relax and reconnect with nature.

President of The Garden club of London, Sandy, says “this is one of our biggest projects, since every year we restore the land in the park.”

Last year the Woodland received a Carolinian Canada Coalition award and this year received an Ontario Parks Association Award.

Students from Catholic Central high school will be volunteering in the park to help kick off this years restoration.

Sandy adds ” the weather this year set us back about 3 weeks.”

The Garden Club of London plans to have the park restored by removing leaves, adding new wood chips for the pathway, and refurbish the grounds so the plants and flowers can grow.

Sandy says she’s very excited for this years improvements and adds ” The park is a little loud from traffic right now but once the leaves grow back the trees will provide a sound barrier and create a very peaceful place to come and relax.”

The Garden Club of London has been involved in many projects, every year they decorate the Eldon House for the “Victorian Manner” at Christmas. They decorate the Ronald McDonald House at Christmas and also provide fresh Christmas wreaths and give Bouquets at Women’s Community House for Mother’s day.

To learn more about the Garden Club of London Click here.

Woodland Restoration Project

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