Dozens mourn death of Western University student

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Dozens mourn death of Western University student

Jeffrey Costa was remembered today as people in the Western University community came together in the Mustang Lounge.

Dozens gathered and filled the seats with purple ribbons pinned to their shirts and teary eyes while Reverend, Karen Low, spoke words on grieving and Mental Illness.

Close friends of Costa bravely stood up and spoke kind words and shared a few memories of their friendship with him.

During the memorial reverend Karen Low says, “We wonder if there wasn’t something we could have done, something we have missed, did we not love jeff enough? Should we have called? should we have encouraged him more? or were our expectations too high?”

Low adds, “I wish I could leave you with more statistics and more facts about Mental Illness that would explain everything. Remind you of all the phone numbers and resources that are available to you in times of despair, so that we never have to gather in this place again.”

Friends of Costa explain his anxiety worsened around the beginning of exam time. They add ” Jeff was always the person to find light of a situation, or the person to go to when struggling with something.”

Roommate of Costa, Natalie Major, explained what she would miss most about her good friend, ” I’ll miss watching terrible reality tv with him, i’ll miss driving around london with him and blasting terrible country music with him, and I’ll miss his love for his hoverboard.”

she adds, ” we developed a relationship that was very brother and sisterly. We would joke and pick on each other yet we always supported and depended on each other to get through any difficult times.”

Concluding the memorial Costa’s Father, Sam, spoke on behalf of the Costa Family.

Sam explains Jeff and his mother had a very close relationship. He adds ” my future is going to be all about Mental Health and bringing awareness to the fact that it can affect anybody.”

Jeffrey Costa is remembered as an extremely bright, well liked, kind, caring and funny guy who cared so much about all the people around him.

Reverend Karen Low and Western University stress, “If you are struggling with anything use the resources we have, they’re there to help you in a time of need.”

For more information on mental health or to talk click here, or call 1-866-925-5454.

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