London youth more involved in ONERUN

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London youth more involved in ONERUN

ONERUN is an annual event at John Paul II Catholic Secondary School. Since the event started in 2010, it has grown from about 100 student participants to nearly 1000 students from schools across London in 2016.


Justin Tiseo and Theresa Carriere.

Theresa Carriere was the inspiration behind ONERUN. After winning her own battle against breast cancer, she wanted to give back to the community and raise money for breast cancer research. She ran 100km from Sarnia to London four separate times and has raised a total of $750,000.

Her first run in 2010 sparked a JP2 student to create this annual event in support of her and other survivors, fighters, and honour loved ones.

JP2 grad, and current Western student, Justin Tiseo started ONERUN six years ago to demonstrate the impact youth can have on the community of London.

“It just shows the humanity in youth, and what youth can do if they come together”. Tiseo says the younger generation is often given a bad perception at times, but believes if more people saw the support they showed today, those perceptions would no longer exist.

Carriere says she still can’t believe how much her original fundraiser has grown since 2010. “Every year that I come out and see these kids do what they do, I’m amazed and very honoured that they support ONERUN in such a tremendous way”.


Mayor Matt Brown showed his support at ONERUN and ran laps around the track with Carriere.

“I was blown away by seeing 1000 students supporting Theresa, supporting ONERUN, and raising thousands and thousands of dollars to fight breast cancer.”

The collective total of ONERUN in the first five years was $145,000. Tiseo’s goal for this years event was to raise an additional $40,000. All proceeds of this event are going to London Health Sciences’ Foundations and St. Joseph’s Hospital.


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