It’s a stART attack for the London School

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It's a stART attack for the London School

If you look around you, art is everywhere in the Forest City.

Founded in 2011, the London School prides itself on small classroom settings to enable its students to live without borders when it comes to their creativity.

With an exhibit being held all week at Wellington’s Tourist Information Center,┬áthe school’s Visual Arts program – otherwise known as START is giving its students a venue to display their work.

Local artist Steve Tracy feels that every painting is an individual expression of a person’s day and like a page in a journal – it’s your soul to bare.

IMG_5700 (1)One of Tracy’s Pupil’s is 14 year old Avery Clarkson – who says he draws his influence from way north of the border.

“I get a lot of my inspiration from images I’ve seen on the internet of Northern Canada,” said Clarkson excitedly.

“These sculptures come to life,” he says of his Inuit-inspired pieces.

“A baby penguin is being swallowed by a loon –” Clarkson stopped before finishing – “I’m sorry I didn’t do its teeth but I’ll go over that soon.”

Since the program’s formation – Tracy has been giving kids like Avery and his sister Emma a canvas to openly express themselves.

Tracy feels it’s imperative that kids have an outlet of self expression like art.

IMG_5714 (1)“I was watching Avery for the first time – he was looking at his wash cup for his paint,” Tracy explained.

“He was looking at the swirling paint with such intense intensity and I just though ‘that’s the beginning of many paintings.’ That’s what this is all about – giving them the experience of discovery.”

As someone who used to use art as an escape from staying out of trouble as a youth – Tracy understands the significance of kids being able to express themselves.

Anyone who was thinking about checking out some of the work done by Avery and other students in the START program can check out the gallery at the Tourist Info Centre until Saturday.

The exhibit is open from 8:30AM to 6PM.

Here is a video showing the experience START offers young minds.


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