Dry conditions demand extra caution with Canada Day fireworks

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Dry conditions demand extra caution with Canada Day fireworks

Fire Officials are urging Londoners to stay safe this Canada day weekend – and that means leaving fireworks to the professionals.

With grass, shrubs, and trees all extremely dry, the chance for an accident caused by personal fireworks is higher than usual.

The London Fire Department is suggesting that Londoners go to a public firework event, as opposed to buying and setting of their own.

Public events require licensed technicians to set off the fireworks, and they will have emergency response workers, and safety persuasions set in order. Another point in their favour is the quality of the show. The fireworks at public events will be far superior to what individuals can buy for themselves, making for a much more exciting night.

However, if you plan on lighting your own fireworks, Deputy Fire Chief Brian McLaughlin has some safety tips to keep in mind.

  • Purchase fireworks from a reliable source
  • Set up in a clear, open space outdoors
  • Use a hard, flat surface to light the fireworks
  • Have a bucket of sand and/or a water supply and a working fire extinguisher on site
  • Only adults (18 years and older) should handle fireworks
  • Do not handle fireworks if you are impaired (drugs or alcohol)
  • Light one at a time
  • Wear protective gloves and eye glasses
  • Light at arm’s length and stand at a safe distance away
  • Never attempt to re-light a defective firework
  • Supervise children with sparklers- they can cause severe burns

McLaughlin also says the fire department really wants people to enjoy their Canada Day, but they want them to respect their friends, family, and neighbours in the process.

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