School of Rock sticking it to the man

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School of Rock sticking it to the man

School’s out for summer but down at Spriet Family Theatre – another class is leaving audiences Thunderstruck.

London’s Original Kids Theatre Company brings Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Rock Opera “School of Rock” to the stage for its first ever Canadian production done by a youth company.

Jack Phoenix electrifies as Dewey Finn – the lovable wanna-be rock star who poses as a substitute teacher at prestigious Horace Green prep school and teaches students the meaning of Rock and Roll.

It’s no simple task emulating the legendary Jack Black – who stars in the classic film – but Phoenix doesn’t have to as he brings his own charm to the character and is just an all-out great, charismatic performer to watch.

Beal Secondary’s own Colleen Moodie is extraordinary as the strict Principle Rosa Lee Mullins – and the girl knows how to steal a scene or two.

Particularly during a duet with Phoenix – where you see the wild side of Mullins as the two belt a hilarious rendition of Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen.”

It would be a shock not to see her starring in some capacity in one of next year’s renowned Beal productions.

Cast of OKTC's School of Rock

Cast of OKTC’s School of Rock

Goody Two Shoes, Summer Hathaway is played eloquently by Nicole Bryant who does a great job bringing out the character’s bright-no-nonsense, high achieving ways.

Daniel McKinnon is everybody’s favourite fashionista Billy Sandford and absolutely nails the flamboyant and stylish character

Then there is the band – who absolutely rock the audience off its feet!

Bradley Amesse blows our minds on the keys, Ophelia Carter slaps the bass silly, Carter Tomlenovich shreds on lead guitar, as Jett Wombwell pounds the drums like a maniac and Grace Hetherington supplies some soothing and soulful vocals.

Other standouts are Wychita Henricks as the easily manipulated Ned Schneebly and Mya Lacy as his domineering girlfriend Patti.

One of the more gut busting moments of the show (and there are a lot of them) – is seeing Henricks come out to the band’s final show fully decked out in black leather pants with a fishnet shirt on and face covered in Goth makeup.

The class and whole cast can now raise their rock horns in celebration as the show’s entire run has officially been sold out.

You can check out OKTC’s website for information on their next production.

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