Original art in just one-foot-square

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X


Art within a one-foot-square dimension is what the Square Foot Show is all about at Westland Gallery in Wortley Village.




13833274_10207851732145797_1024675500_oThe open call show has over 500 pieces and 200 artists, ranging from the well experienced to brand new illustrators. The variety is impeccable with several different mediums including, photography, watercolour, encaustic, oil, etc.

This year the furthest pieces have come from Edmonton and Ottawa.


“There is an amazing amount of great talent in London and because we do exhibitions so 13662532_10207851732305801_286570213_ooften we have the ability to showcase a lot of them. We are so happy to be able to do that.” Says Karen Stewart, Westland’s Co-Owner and Director. The gallery typically has new exhibits every three weeks.


“Art is something that touches the heart, it’s not something you necessarily buy as an investment or to decorate the house, but when you have that certain piece you look at day-in and day-out it really creates some emotion in you. That’s what we love to do. We love to put those pieces in peoples’ homes and have their hearts touched.”


13840428_10207851731665785_2102378602_oThe Square Foot Show is a great opportunity for viewers who want to purchase the first item to their collection, as the price point is considered more affordable. The works start at $100 and stretch into $800. For the younger audiences and artists there’s a youth collection where kids 16 and under can submit their work, which starts off at $75.



Stewart had said, “We open peoples’ awareness and hearts to what art can do for them.” Two recent incidences where the art gallery accomplished to give viewers this feeling of appreciation were on her mind.

A young girl in her early twenties bought her first original artwork after budgeting for the significant event as a student. This piece was the start of her collection. She was so thrilled with her purchase she came back to see the art everyday while it was still hanging.

The other instance involved an older couple that w13839821_10207851732065795_1194393535_oas moving and while doing so was working with an interior designer who recommended they purchase some original works. This couple had never bought original work only prints and posters from decorative stores. Stewart said the wife had to come back at least three times to say how amazing that painting makes her feel and the difference in having original art in the home. “That is exactly how we want people to feel when they buy a piece here.” Said Steward.


This13646972_10207851731585783_1163149571_o year Westland is doing a contest, so viewers can vote for their favourite piece. The top twelve pieces that were voted for will be made into a calendar for Westland including its entire 2017 exhibition dates.



The Square Foot Show is running until August 12th, 2016.

Artist: Cheryl Langford. “I’ve always loved these three. Langford is just fun. She doesn’t paint noses because she doesn’t think noses tell your personality, so its has a different meaning.” Karen Steward, Westland Co-Owner and Director.


Artist: Simone. Young “These are the most amazing little clay faces and discoveries that she has done that I just think are phenomenal – like they just take you outside what you feel is a normal piece of art. Love that.” Karen Stewart, Westland’s Co-Owner and Director.











Artist: Beth Pimm. “They have personalities galore and they make me smile. I laugh I chuckle. I just think they are the cutest little things.” Karen Steward, Co-Owner and Director of Westland.

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