What to know about the LCBO delivery service

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3192339845_09f0037579_bThe LCBO announced on Tuesday, that you can now order products on their website, and have them delivered right to your door. However, there’s been a few misconceptions about the service.

Not to be mistaken with your local “dial a bottle” service, it isn’t meant for constant use, when you just don’t feel like making an extra trip to the store.

Christine Bujold is a media relations coordinator for the LCBO, and she says it’s meant to bring the wider selection available at flagship stores, to local stores.

Can’t find that 12 year old Scotch you’re looking for? Not to worry, LCBO.com has you covered.

Customers have 2 options: to order the product free of charge to any LCBO location nearest to them, or to order the product directly to their home, for a delivery charge of $12.

Store delivery can take up to 4 weeks, while home delivery can take as little as 4 business days.

While many adults are eager for the service, some are still skeptical. Questions about the service popped up all over social media in the 24 hours following the announcement.

As per usual, anyone accepting a package from Canada Post is required to show identification. If the person accepting the package is under the legal drinking age, the delivery will not be completed.

Christine Bujold says, “the product would not be delivered. It would be returned to the Canada Post depot and someone with proper ID and of age, would have to pick up the parcel.”

She also says that all carriers will receive training on how to “ensure the package is delivered safely,” and they will also be trained on asking for valid ID.

Unlike most who serve alcohol, Ontario Smart Serve training will not be required for mail carriers, but Bujold reminds customers that alcohol delivery isn’t a new concept (wine clubs, for example).

She says, “Canada Post has a strong track record of delivering beverage alcohol, and we anticipate that they’ll be able to do so in a socially responsible manner.”

Another concern, has been the possibility of a mail service disruption, which has been a looming topic for weeks. In this case, Bujold says customers can still order their product to the store, as store deliveries use an internal delivery company.

Home deliveries began immediately, with the delivery options displaying under the product, on their website.

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