Country Singer Donates to Children’s Musical Therapy

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Country Singer Donates to Children's Musical Therapy

The Canadian Country Music Awards is an exciting venue for fans to hear their favourite artists, travelling to new locations each year. While fans and artists may follow that trail, donations for children’s hospitals are never far behind. This is possible through the Bamford Foundation, created by Gord Bamford, which raises money to better the lives of sick children across Canada. At each stop of the CCMAs, the Bamford Foundation finds a hospital to donate to, and London’s own Children’s Health Foundation was chosen as the recipient of $10,000 for the 3rd time in 9 years. Not only did Bamford himself come to present the check personally to medical staff, but he brought his crew along with a few guitars to entertain the excited audience of patients in the children’s ward.

Before Bamford could begin his performance, he was greeted with little show of his own. Patient Brianna Barnim chose to sing a song of appreciation for Bamford, accompanied on guitar by a hospital staff member.

Bamford then began his performance, but not before thanking the staff and patients for the warm welcome. Once mischievous little patient named JD stalled the show by insisting that he have a chance to learn the guitar as well; Bamford was more than happy to oblige.

Young patient of the LHSC takes a special interest in Bamford's guitar.

Young patient of the LHSC takes a special interest in Bamford’s guitar.

This donation will bring the total amount of money donated by the Bamford Foundation to $2.7 million, raised from various donors and personal input from Bamford himself. The cause, musical therapy, has long been a worthy one that Bamford has been more than eager to endorse. The process of musical therapy is allowing the child patients to express themselves artistically, as well as assist in managing stress and anxiety throughout their stay. Also, music therapy helps patients create a nonverbal bond with their family and therapist, no matter the age or learning level.

Bamford’s visit gave smiles to patients, parents and therapists who know his music and appreciated his efforts. With a caring heart and emotion filled words, Bamford expressed his great satisfaction at knowing the Foundation’s donations were being put to good use. Below are more photos from the heartwarming show.


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