Would you like fries with that?

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Would you like fries with that?

It’s that time of the year again! The swirly ice-cream cones, fluffy cotton candy sticks and sizzling hot corn dogs are all at the Western Fair. The annual fair is a significant part of the community, not only for the entertainment of Londoners, but also financially. Ed Butler, owner of Di’s Fries and Funnel Cakes, says that the fair has a huge impact on the city. Ed says “it brings a lot of people from out of town and there’s a lot of revenue that goes back into the city”.

This year, the Canadian Country Music Association is hosting a County FanFest at the fair, featuring back-to-back performances by 10 of Canada’s brightest stars. The country event ties everything together nicely this weekend.

Mother Nature has decided to give the Western Fair a lovely forecast, despite today’s rainy clouds. Ed explains that the Western Fair was shut down for two nights straight last year because of the rain, and he hopes that it is not the case for this year’s fair.

Being one of the exhibitors at the Western Fair for many years, Ed says things have adjusted this year internally:

“There’s been a lot of changes the last couple of years, all those changes are positive. It’s a new midway, it’s a new layout, it’s bringing more people through the gates, everything is positive”

Enjoy some fries and dessert at Ed’s stand, Di’s Fries and Funnel Cakes, along with many other local stands.

The Western Fair will forever be a fun-filled London tradition!

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