For The Love Of Art

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Art Gallery


It’s all for the love of art.

London has become home to many artist’s, and For The Love Of Art London, wants to help all the local artists have a platform to display and sell their art work.

For Heather Marvell it was her vision to create a place where artists can showcase their work and make profit. She opened up a centre in twenty-fourteen with the hopes of encouraging local artists to engage with the community by having their work displayed and show their talent.

For The Love Of Art holds hundreds of unique pieces. From hand brushed paintings, sculptures, and bracelets all designed by artists from the London Community. Diversity is well on display at their art centre which features paintings from recently migrated Syrian refugees and even mouth painters.

For The Love Of Art their centre is just the beginning of something greater. With plans of creating London’s own artisan village, things are just kicking off. Founder Heather Marvell said the idea of an artisan village has been in the works for sometime and it should be up and running by next year.

“Hopefully it will be up and running by 2017 and it will have art of all media, music, dance, theatre, pottery, anything that has to do with art all under one facility”

Heather believes that buying and supporting local art not only helps the local economy,it also unites  the community as a whole. 100% of the profits from each sale go completely to the artist, this is because they believed that every artists is entitled to everything the work sells for. For some struggling artists making sure they receive all the money from the artwork is vital.

For The Love Of Art holds weekly art classes inside The Westmount Mall in which anyone is welcomed to come and experience what art is all about.


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