Satellite Awards Exhibition

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Western's Jason STovall

Western’s Jason STovall

Satellite Project Space are proud to say they put together another awards exhibition to showcase young emerging artists from London and surrounding area.

This year’s exhibition showed off Western’s Jason Stovall and Fanshawe’s Victoria Racine along with Tess Davey and Michelle Bunton.

They each got to show off a couple of their pieces in their exhibition of artwork they completed over the summer.

Tess Davey said “I was nervous at the beginning… Now I am excited” when asked about her thoughts on being into this program.

It took Tess Davey over a month to complete this piece

It took Tess Davey over a month to complete this piece

These 4 individuals were selected from their art classes at school as being one of the top students when it comes to talent, and dedication to their work.

Victoria Racine describes her piece as ” I wanted to do something that I love that is basketball, and make it into something else that I love and that is art”


Victoria Racine’s art

Jason Stovall art

Jason Stovall art

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