Fanshawe staff member strives for sexual awareness year round

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Sexual awareness colouring book made in collaboration with Fanshawe's sexual violence prevention officer, Leah Marshall, and Fine Arts student, Trista McDonald.

Sexual awareness colouring book made in collaboration with Fanshawe’s sexual violence prevention officer, Leah Marshall, and Fine Arts student, Tristan McDonald.


Fanshawe’s sexual awareness week is kicking off a year’s worth of sexual health events, all moving towards a safer environment, free of sexual violence.

These initiatives are largely thanks to the school’s sexual violence prevention officer, Leah Marshall. Two years ago, her position didn’t exist, but due to growing concerns over a lack of sexual health education in the school, Fanshawe authorities took action.

Marshall fulfills many roles in Fanshawe in regards to sexual health, both operating as a confidential advisor for survivors of sexual violence, as well as a champion for increased knowledge for the dangers of sexual violence in school culture.

She doesn’t attempt to do it alone, however, as the majority of the initiatives taking place are partnerships with other Fanshawe staff and students. One such product of collaboration is the newly printed “Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each Other, Take Care of This Place” colouring book, which acts as a visual representation of the campaign’s message.

The project was undertaken by Marshall and Fine Arts student Tristan McDonald. Together, they created a visual piece of learning material which Marshall thinks can provide an outlet for “survivors, supporters, and agents of change”.

While not all may be drawn to a colouring book as a way to understand Marshall’s directive, there are many other articles of material that come in all different forms. If reading isn’t a priority, the events that will be held through the school year will also carry the message of consent and the abolition of sexual violence.

Marshall also stresses that as her role as a councilor, she is available at any time to be contacted for a session. Her services are free, and she hopes that any victims or students with concerns will come to her so as to address them and lead to proper reform.

If any sexual violence occurs, students are asked to contact Marshall at the following:


Leah Marshall

Phone: 519-452-4465



Office: Fanshawe College Main Campus, F2010-30


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