Interrobang alumni now successful indie singer/songwriter

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The beginning of the school year calls for motivation. Fanshawe and Interrobang alumni, Rose Cora Perry is now a successful independent singer and songwriter who has been through quite the journey to reach her achievements. She has performed in front of over 500,000 people with 20+ years of experience of stage. Perry recently released an “acoustic” alternative album called “Onto the Floor” with her solo single “Away I go.”

“Out of all the albums I’ve done this is definitely the one that’s most personal to me.” Perry goes on to say that she really allowed herself to explore parts of her life she hasn’t touched on before. She says the album covers many emotional topics as well as all her music influences.

“I started out as a classically trained vocalist, I wanted to be on Broadway, found myself in a rock and roll band by the time I was fifteen, and then I decided to experiment on the side and do some jazz singing with some colleagues of mine.” Perry began her career at the age of four giving her the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of music, influences, writing, education and jobs. At Fanshawe she studied in several programs completely different from each other. Perry took a total of six years of postsecondary. She started off at Fanshawe in a general arts and science program until she branched off to corporate communication and PR as well as sociology psychology at Western.

Perry wrote a variety of columns for the Interrobang paper. She had series’ called “So You Wanna be In a Rock Band,” “Call Me Old Fashioned But…” “Psych your Mind” as well as “Fork In the Road.” She was writing for the Interrobang from 2006 up until February of this year.

Rose Cora Perry is beginning fresh with her new songs and album as she reflects on her journey in the music industry. She feels that her latest album “Onto the Floor” truly speaks about her experiences and has given her a chance to look back and address her heartrending quest.

“I do want to leave people with a sense of hope that it’s going to be okay. Even if I went through these experiences, guess what? I’ve survived them.” Perry says her new album is a very personal piece of work she’s produced. “The End” is a song included in the album, which she says she resonates the most with at the moment.

“A lot of it talks about past experiences I had in in the music industry and you know feeling kind of like I failed in some capacities and had to pick up all the pieces and start all over again.” Perry says she was the front woman and manger of a successful band, but she says it fell apart badly when the people she was working with became involved with drugs and awful situations that tend to go hand in hand with the music industry. Perry believes this is “the end” of one chapter of her life and that it’s a new beginning for her to move forward with a new song, album and band.

Rose Cora Perry’s solo single, “Away I go” from her latest album “Onto the Floor” is available on iTunes. For more information about Perry’s music visit her website,

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