“Portraits, Self, and Others”

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
"Portraits, Self, and Others"

Fine Arts Professor at Fanshawe Gerard Pas has collaborated with photography technician Jim Kost to create an exhibit at Western’s McIntosh Gallery in the show”Portraits, Self, and Others.”Gerard Pas is a¬†distinguished artist within the London community, creating many exhibits over the years, including the Victoria Park statue.

The gallery features a group show of various noteworthy regional and international artists’ work. Pas and Kost’s exhibit is said to be a reflection of questions regarding identity and deeper issues of defining self.

The art professor Gerard Pas says it’s a “youth-oriented show” that lends itself to our social media understanding of the world and how we understand ourselves. The exhibit kicks off with a reception at the McIntosh Gallery Thursday September 22nd at 7 pm.

To see more of Gerard Pas’ art work visit his¬†website.




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