Refugee update

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

It’s been almost a year since the Syrian refugees began to immigrate to Canada.

The Cross Cultural Learning Centre in London is one  of the well known places that help support and teach the refugees as they seen their numbers of refugees grow to 12 hundred from 300 refugees in the past calendar year.

Executive director Valerian Marochko says they go through a stiff learning curve at the beginning of their stay in Canada adjusting to the different culture and languages but once settled in “They are very grateful cause now they got a life, a future”

A teenage refugee by the name of Christina, who only wants her first name public, tells us about the big learning curve about living in a completely different country “at first I wanted to cry, because I didn’t know anyone, but now thanks to the C.C.L.C. I am happy and comfortable”.

This September, 3 refugees start off at Fanshawe College thanks to the free full time scholarships they awarded to the refugees coming to London. According to Fanshawe’s Registar representative Janice Lamoreux, there is 20 more soon-to-be students on the way.

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