Students reminded to recycle

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Amongst the busy school year, many students forget to do everyday things that should be part of an everyday routine, like recycling reusable materials.

“When you’re in university or college, it’s probably not the first thing you think to do” admits Anne Boyd, manager of waste diversion programs for the city of London.

But recycling reusable goods is easy and should definitely be done in all situations. Post secondary students are in school in hopes to better their future, and one should be recycling for the very same reason.

Boyd says the key to successful recycling is┬átaking into consideration what your have. “Often times when we speak about reusable goods it’s food or drink, and when you’re done that food or drink you’re left with the packaging,” explains Boyd. “Take responsibility, that’s your waste, you created it, be responsible for it.”

All in all, Boyd says London in general does a good job at recycling, what could be improved is the sorting.

“We encourage all Londoners to sort their reusable goods, if we do this it saves time, money, and it is better on the environment.” points out Boyd. “Students are encouraged to do the same.”


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