The end of a era

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The London Museum has a cursive writing exhibit currently being showcased.

The future of the skill that was once used world wide has begun to be extincted  according to Melanie Townsend, a executive director at the London Museum.

“Cursive writing started to be pushed out as early as the 1930’s” with the inventions of the keyboard coming in as print gained control of most writing.

Townsend also thinks that cursive writing should be brought back into the education curriculum as she begs the question ”¬†If you can’t simply convey a pen on a piece of paper what does that say about the classroom”. Cursive writing is currently not being taught in elementary and ¬†secondary schools and with kids not knowing how to write their signature, it brings back the thought of whether it should be brought back into the school system.



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