Fans go full out at London Comicon

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Fans go full out at London Comicon

London hosts Comicon this weekend at the Western Fair. Comicon is a chance for people to celebrate everything to do with pop-culture. For opening night, there was a line-up of fans outside the Western Fair with plenty of face paint on, leather gloves, masks and more. Comicon fan, Evelyn Kelly, was dressed as “Black Canary” from DC Universe. Kelly says if she had one superpower, “I would want to fly or levitate like Ms. Marvel does, or like Storm or Rogue. I think that would be great… I wouldn’t be late for work at all!”

Dressing up as different characters is a huge part of Comicon. Dianne Da Rosa is an exhibitor from Len’s Mill Stores in Cambridge. Da Rosa says it may look odd from the outside, but the costumes are all part of the fun, “We’re expressing ourselves in ways that we want to express ourselves, and show our love for the characters we dress up as.”

There will be comics, cosplay, horror films, sci-fi and gaming throughout the weekend with a variety of different events for Comicon fans. Celebrity guests such as Alan Thicke, Kevin Nash and Kevin Sorbo will also be in attendance at the celebration.

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