Momonday’s, less problems

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X


Creator of SWIM's, Anne-Marie Ricketts

Anne-Marie Ricketts, Creator of SWIM  PIC: Victoria Craig

Even Garfield doesn’t hate Momonday’s. The grumpy cat would sit at his table of eight with his lasagna and drink of his choice (probably milk)  and feel what every other person in that room felt- inspired.

Momonday’s is a bi-weekly event hosted by Paula Morand and her company, Paula Morand Enterprises. It features six speakers, who tell stories about their lives for ten minutes each, as well as a half time game show and music entertainment before the speeches get underway.

These are ordinary people who have lived extraordinary lives. The chosen six for this week: Anne-Marie Rickets, Deborah Crowe, Tasha Hughes, Shannon Balsillie, Sam Youngren and Jennifer Black.

Whether you were a single mother of three working four jobs and going back to school like Anne-Marie Ricketts, or an ordained minister for 20 years and have spoken at over 3000 speaking arrangements in  30 countries like Sam Youngren, the stories told provided metaphors on life, love and everything in between.

“Rest if you must just don’t quit” Anne-Marie Ricketts

Damian Warner, London’s own Olympic Bronze Medalist at the Rio Olympics in the Men’s Decathlon set the evening off with a little introduction and showing off his medal. Talk about setting the tone.

Sam Youngren took a deflated basketball and compared it to life, how you have to bounce back when life takes a dent out of you. Sam is now a Life Coach for Life Bounceback.

Anne-Marie’s mantra is stay positive and work hard to set an example. She has now ran Single Women In Motherhood (SWIM) for 16 years, aiding single mothers going through life by providing wisdom and advice from her own life.

Deb Crowe is a Work Life Balance Specialist and preaches, well, balance- as well as maintaining professional relationships and personal ones separate.

Tasha Hughes says confidence in yourself goes a long way, which she brings to others by teaching self-defense.

The other two speakers, Shannon Balsillie and ‘J Black’ shared their stories and wow’d the crowd, in one way or another. Shannon is currently a Financial Advisor, while J Black is an Spiritual Psychic & Intuitive Counselor.

Paula Morand has already announced the speakers for the next Momonday’s on October 1oth. It is a halloween themed show so come out in your best costume and feel inspired. Contact their Facebook page ‘momondays London’ for more information on their next event.

Their mantra and slogan had been repeated throughout the night, and it is quite true.

You meet the nicest people at Momonday’s.



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