Comic-Con deemed a success

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Comic-Con deemed a success

This year’s comic con at the western fair did not disappoint with Londoners of all ages coming out to celebrate the comic world culture. The festival was a hub for elaborate ‘cosplay’, which sees thousands of fans merge fantasy with reality.

Many came dressed as their favorite heroes or villains, Harley Quinn and Deadpool seemed to be the most common costumes this year. Happiness on the face of younger visitors was everywhere, with volunteers dressed up as more youthful characters like the Power Rangers and different Pokemon characters.

The fan convention, however, had plenty to offer for all ages. Booths were selling a wide variety of products such as video games, posters, clothing, and much more that appealed to everyone.

The convention also exhibited replicas of both the DeLorean from Back to The Future and KITT from Knight Rider which fans of all ages seemed to enjoy. The celebrity panel was an exhibition which all visitors seemed attracted to. Fan’s got to meet and pose with personalities such as Emily Kinney, Lori Petty, and Kevin Nash.

Last year, Comic-Con London attracted 7500 people, but this year’s numbers are expected to exceed that.

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