The sound of MIA at Fanshawe

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Being the first of it’s kind in Canada and one the first in three in the world, Fanshawe Music Industry Arts (MIA) continues to thrive since 1975. Well known for its training of students for careers in the music industry, MIA provides hands-on experience with 6 studios for students to learn in. In addition, students are provided with approximately 10 guest lectures a year of professionals in the industry. Content taught to the students is balanced between development of musical talent and as well technical skills of production.

Students are often set to work with each other, as interacting with one another helps educate them more on the industry.┬áDan Brodbeck the program coordinator says “This is a people-driven business, this isn’t the kind of business where you sit and work on your own.”

The program runs for 2 and 3 years. The third year, which is optional for those after receiving their 2nd year degree continues to push students further in learning more audio production.

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“I think it’s important to know every aspect of the industry, because when I first came in this program I thought that there just wasn’t many job opportunities but they opened up my mind and there are so many opportunities out there.” Addison Johnson, 2nd year MIA


Some MIA students are given the opportunity to perform here at Fanshawe at Acoustic Lunch such as Molly Roach has done. MIA and Broadcasting Radio students have partnered up to create a youtube series of MIA students to perform 6 songs and to be a part of an interview. This opportunity is great practice for both programs, and as well is excellent exposure for the MIA performer.

Molly Roach performing on Live Acoustic Lunch.







For more information, or how to apply check out here.


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