Fanshawe College debuts Dyson AB09 taps in D building washrooms

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Both male and female bathrooms in the D building at Fanshawe College received an upgrade.

Fanshawe partnered with Dyson Canada to install one Dyson AB09 tap in D1007 and D1008.

“[The Dyson AB09 is] a faucet and hand dryer combo that allows users to wash and dry their hands in the same sink,” Jay Dillman, Project Coordinator said. “The dryer will dry your hands in 14 seconds versus 40 seconds for a regular electric dryer.”

According to Dyson Canada, the tap’s hand dryer is powered by the Dyson digital motor V4, which is one of the world’s smallest, fully-integrated 1400W motors.

“The [Dyson AB09 tap] helps eliminate paper towel waste and hazardous wet floors,” Dillman said.

While reducing energy consumption and waste, the taps are able to increase hygiene.

“The bacteria or the transfer would stay put in the sink. Paul Corsbie, Business Development Executive for Dyson Canada said. “So you’re basically blowing back germs on your hands with the older-style dryers.”IMG_8539

Facilities Operations says that the D building washrooms were selected based on the student traffic in the area.

Fanshawe College and Dyson Canada created a survey to collect feedback from students on the product.

“We’re going to test these two out. We encourage people to come try them. We will be doing this for the next two or so months, “ Corsbie said. “We want to put them in more washrooms in those coming weeks. The ultimate goal is to give [students] the best technology on the marketplace.”

For students interested in providing to feedback to the school, a link can be found here.

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