Inter-City Christian Fellowship provides support for students

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Inter-City Christian Fellowship provides support for students

Many christian students struggle with transitioning into the university and college environment, having to experience a whole different world with temptations all around.

This is what prompted Tanner Kennedy, a Western University student, to start the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. The aim of the group is to provide a haven for christian students who are dealing with many issues. They hold weekly meeting and prayer sessions in which students can express their concerns and share stories about some of the struggles. Tanner Kennedy says the fellowship is also about teaching others about Jesus.

“It’s most definitely a support group for those who are thriving or even struggling in the secular environment of college and university, but also a way to reach people and introduce them to the man named Jesus that we love.”

Christian students can sometimes have a hard time fitting in because misconceptions that surround the faith. Tanner Kennedy knows this first hand, during his first year he felt as if other students treated him differently because of faith.

“I got the feeling they thought I thought I was better than them, because I wouldn’t attend the bar with them which is a very common thing in university and college.”

Christian teens struggling fitting in or just in need of friends are encouraged to attend their meetings every Friday at Western UCC, along with anyone else looking to learn about Jesus.

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